What is your story?

I believe that EVERYONE has a story inside them. 
Perhaps it’s fiction, like romance, fantasy, intergalactic space cockroaches, etc. Maybe it’s non-fiction. There IS something that you’re good at or that you know enough about to write a book. 
Do you know how to knit?…Write a book about it
Do you know how to cook?…Write a book about it
Do you know what it’s like to be a single parent trying to juggle a career, raise children, balance a checkbook and not go crazy? Write a book about it.
You get the idea
The bottom line is that YOU have a story inside you 
and I want to help!
Commone Roadblocks: 
1.) I don’t know where to begin!
2.) I’ve started writing, but don’t know what to do now!
3.) I don’t have the money to publish a book!
I want to help you reach your dream of being a published author! 
I am willing to provide guidance and advice to ANY non-published author for FREE! Including showing you how to self-publish your book!
Just fill out the “Help me Publish” form!