How to Publish a Book with Kids

How to Publish a Book with Kids

Self-publishing can be daunting enough, add to that a full-time job, chores and kids and it can seem downright impossible.

What if I told you self-publishing a book is not only possible with kids, but your kids can even help? Well in this video I’m going to show you 4 ways Self-publish with kids. So, stick around:

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As you may already know, I have 4 kids, and while I love them to death, finding free time to self-publish with kids can be a bit of a challenge, that is until I decided to include the kids in some of my self-publishing projects.

1. Treat your children as your first Beta Readers.
Depending on the genre you write and the age of your children, you can have them beta read your book. If your kids are anything like mine, they have no problem telling me when they don’t like something. If they’re not the right target audience, they can help give input on your cover image. Even if you don’t end up using their advice, the fact that they feel like they have a say in your book will make them even more interested in what you’re working on.

2. Look at your children as inspiration.
Ask them for ideas. What do you think if Character X had red hair? What should her name be? Kids are great at thinking outside of the box and love to play the “What if” game which can really help with developing your characters. Even if your children are too young to read it.

3. Make them your ad team.

Regardless of their age, your children can be your best ad team. They can make posters about your book, a book signing you’re doing or other event. If they’re a bit of a ham, you can make up a video with them bragging about your book and turn it into a book trailer. If they’re older and social media is their thing, you can have them act as your social media pro and they can post links about your book and maybe even put them in charge of your books/authors social media page. Heck even if you have an infant, you can have a onesie made up that says “Read My Mom/Dad’s New Book!” Who doesn’t stop to look at a little baby and read their shirt?

This is by far my favorite way to write with children…
4. Have them write or help write the story.
I recently dug up an old Halloween story that I wrote with my kids years ago. We sat at the table and I started with “Once Upon a Time” and I had them go around the table and each would make up the next sentence in the story, and I wrote it all down. No editing, just straight for the kids imagination. Now some of the younger kids had some interesting sentences. Stuff like ghosts pooping and monsters boogers, but then the older kid’s next sentence would sort of reel the store back in. It made the story fun to write, funny to read and most of all it made memories. That was about 10 years ago and the kids still talk about it.

The more involved the children are in writing, the more interested they’ll be in reading. Many want to be self-publish authors put off self-publishing and writing until the kids are older. I say get them involved. Make stories together, but most of all, make memories!

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