My Buddy Knows Letters Book Trailer

My Buddy Knows Letters Book Trailer

“Books are boring!” What parent hasn’t heard this statement? Whether from your own children or from other’s, the bottom line is, in today’s interactive environment, traditional books are becoming less attractive to young readers. Technology is not going to slow down, so we must begin making books more interactive! So the battle begins…

Now entering the ring, weighing in at…NOPE…is Keith Wheeler. This husband and father of 4 has been surrounded by children his entire life. Between helping out at the daycare his mother ran to becoming a father, himself, Keith has “changed more diapers than car tires”! It is with this unique insight into the child’s mindset and being a self-proclaimed “child at heart” that Keith has taken on the traditional ABC book:
Say GOODBYE to boring old “A is for Apple” books and say HELLO to the exciting, playful world of My Buddy Knows Letters

In My Buddy Knows Letters, children are introduced to our buddy, Josh. This blue-haired, sharp-dressed character will introduce the reader to an object with the catchphrase, “My Buddy Knows”, then a picture of the item, followed by “starts with…”. The reader then decides what letter that object starts with. Once they think they know the answer, they can flip the page and see if they’re right. 

My Buddy Knows the answers…Do you?

My Buddy Knows Letters is available on Amazon, in paperback as well as ebook format.

Keith Wheeler is the International #1 bestselling author of the “My Ultimate Journal” series(a collection of softball-themed journals) as well as the “My Buddy Knows” children’s picture book series. All of which are available on Amazon: