NaNoWriMo Day 22

NaNoWriMo Day 22

1690 words written today. Not quite my 1700 word count goal, but close enough for me. Considering how far ahead of schedule I am and the amount of running around the family and I did today, I’m quite proud of the words I wrote today.

My main character, Cam, is on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Just when she thought nothing else could go wrong…she finds out, she’s wrong. It’s pretty clear to me that with less 1500 words before I reach the 50,000 word NaNo goal, my book is definitely going to exceed that word count.

I don’t want to just abruptly end the book with one of those old, ‘giant leap in a single bound’ endings, where everything just is magically fixed in the last two pages of the book.

My readers and my characters deserve better than that!

Now, how many words the final edited version will be, well that’s future me’s problem, as for now, I’m quite pleased with where I’m at!

Day 22 count: 1690 words
Cumulative count: 48,529 words