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Niche Formula Spreadsheet

If you have too many niches/genres that you’re interested in self-publishing books in and can’t seem to choose which one to focus on, I have a simple, data-driven way to decide.


This is the spreadsheet that I use to help me make an emotion-free decision to help my business grow.


It focuses on a few highly important matrices to determine which niche/genre you have the best chance of succeeding in. All of these matrices are easy to find on Amazon and even easier if you use my software of choice Publisher Rocket.

Here is a copy of the spreadsheet I use: Niche Formula

I have a couple example entries added in. Feel free to delete/overwrite these with your own information for your niches/genres.


If you’d like to see me using this spreadsheet, check out this YouTube video where explain not only how to use it but why I chose the matrices I did.