Why Should I Write a Book Series

Why Should I Write a Book Series

So, you’ve self-published or are thinking about self-publishing a book. That’s great. But have you thought about making that book a series? In today’s video, I’m going to give 3 reasons you should self-publish a book series. So, stick around:

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Ok, I promised you that I’d give you 3 reasons why you should self-publish a book series, so let’s get started.

1. Write a Better Story
Whether you’re writing a children’s book, a novel or a non-fiction book, if you’re anything like me, it’s easy to get a lot of great ideas for that one book. By breaking that book up into a series, you can implement all your storyline or topic ideas without trying to overcomplicate one book. This will make each story, more dynamic, resulting in a better story.

2. Sell More Books
In the vast sea of books that are on the market these days, writing more books increases your chance of discoverability. When you write a book series, not only do you increase your discoverability by publishing more books, but once a reader finds one of your books there’s a much greater chance they will buy additional books in that series. This will help change a book reader into a book fan.

3. Free Book Promotion
Learn from the pros. Online retailers like Amazon love a good book series. Like I stated earlier, if you have your book in a series, you have a much greater chance of return customers. Online retailers know this so places like Amazon, will create bundles of your book series and offer them at a discounted price. You still get your same royalties, but instead of them advertising one of your books, they’re giving free book promotions for multiple books.

Bonus Tip: Trilogies
While trilogies are great, they can also be quite limiting. By putting your book in a trilogy, you’ve automatically limited the number of books to 3. While if, instead, you call it a book series, you create limitless possibilities for your books. If you want to stop at 2, that’s fine, but you can also write 10, 20 or even more books in that series.

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