Book Reviews Demystified

Book Reviews Demystified

Having published over 30 books, I’ve worked with a multitude of authors, both self published as well as traditionally published. One thing they all have in common is, while they love writing and publishing, the hunt for good, quality, honest book reviews seems to evade them.

I’m proud to announce the pre-launch of my book, Please Don’t Beg!: How To Get Book Reviews And Keep Your Friends.

I did not want to waste the readers time with some long winded, stuffed with fluff, novel. Instead, I approached the subject with direct, actionable techniques you can start to do TODAY to help acquire the ever elusive book review. At less than 50 pages, this is a quick read, but don’t let the length fool you, it is chalk full of information.

My thought process behind it was, the more time you spend reading, the less time you’re out there getting reviews. And after all, reading doesn’t make you money, DOING does!

So check out the book for yourself. From now until, Monday, Feb. 5th the ebook will be on pre-order for just $.99.

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