Week Long Book Launch

Week Long Book Launch


With the increased number of authors self-publishing, the desire for the often coveted best seller is greater than ever. There are many experts that teach you should run a bestseller campaign for just one day. Send everyone to your books Amazon page inside a small window of time, like a day, and you will magically have a bestseller.

While this technique may work to get your book up to the top of a category or two and maybe even get a #1 bestseller, it’s not helping you get long term book sales. This is what the traditional publisher, typically knows, mainly because their publishing agent told them.

If you watch traditional published authors you’ll notice that they have a book launch week. The self-publisher should follow their lead.

In this video, I explain very simply and clearly how I run my book launches for my self-published books. If I get a bestseller, which I do about 95% of the time with this method, that’s great, but the most important thing for me is to make sure Amazon sees that my book is a hot new book that Amazon should start promoting.