Sell More Books on Amazon for Free

Sell More Books on Amazon for Free

Are you books not selling like you’d hoped or planned? Well, in today’s video I’m going to show you 5 ways to sell more books on Amazon for free, so stick around.

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Before I get started, I’d love to know what you’re doing to try and sell more books. Drop me a note in the comments below:

Ok, so sales are not where you’d like them to be, but you don’t have a budget for AMS or Facebook Ads, so what do you do?

Well, here are 5 ways to sell more books on Amazon, for free: 

1. Add a link to your latest book to your email signature. If you can add in a cover photo too, even better. Whether your book is on paperback or kindle ebook, adding a link to It in your signature will serve as free promotion, every time you send an email. The more people who know about your book, the better your chances of selling more books.

2. Reach out to book bloggers and podcasters. Bloggers and podcasters are always looking for their next featured book to review or guest. Research what bloggers and podcasters review books in your genre and go to their websites and apply to be a guest. Since their audience is in the same niche as your books, you’re introducing yourself to your target audience, absolutely free. If the podcaster or blogger endorses your book, there’s a better chance you can sell more books to his audience

3. Reach out to schools/libraries about doing an author visit or reading. By doing an author visit or reading, you can introduce yourself directly to your target audience, without spending money on additional books, etc like you would for an author signing. You can use this time to ask your audience questions to get better insight into what they’re looking for, for future books. You can then give out business cards or you can take orders for your books. The schools/libraries will typically do some promotion of event themselves. The more people that come, the more sales you can get.

4. Set up your authorcentral page. If you’re not already aware, every author can sign up for a free authorcentral page on Amazon. This will allow you to link all your books, post an author bio, link to your website or blog and so much more. All for free. Then, when potential readers see your book on Amazon, they can click on your name and be brought to your authorcentral page to learn more about you and your books. Since this one page contains all of your books in one location, you have a much greater chance selling more books.

5. Write more books. The bottom line is that this is a numbers game. While it is extremely possible that you write one book and it takes off. And I hope it does. However, the truth is, it’s more likely that your book might find some traction but nothing super substantial. The best way to increase your chances of you and your books being noticed and bought, is to write more books. You have a much better chance of someone finding you, if you have 10 books, as opposed to just one. Increased discoverability means better chances of selling more books.

I hope you found these 5 ways to sell more books on amazon helpful.  If there’s a method you use to sell more books that I didn’t cover or if you have any suggestions for future videos, , let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, I’m Keith Wheeler and remember to write right.