The Joys of Being a Children’s Author

The Joys of Being a Children’s Author

There are a lot of things in the authoring world that can discourage you. Perhaps you received a poor book review or maybe very little sales. Adding to that, the number of hours spent brainstorming, writing, publishing and marketing, it’s very easy to second guess yourself.

That being said, it all becomes worth it when you see the smile on a child reading YOUR BOOK. That book that you poured your heart and soul into…All of the blood, sweat and tears are quickly washed away with that 1 smile.

I took my daughter to the pediatricians today and as I was sitting in the waiting room, waiting for her name to be called, from the back of the waiting room I could hear this little kid(no more than 3) laughing hysterically. You know that deep belly laugh that seemingly only children can create? The laugh that when you hear it, you can’t help but laugh yourself? Yeah, that one!

When I looked over to see what was so gosh darn funny, all I could see was him opening a book and then quickly closing it. Every time he opened it, he’d take a quick look at the page, laugh uncontrollably and then slam the book closed. It was as if the opening of the book controlled his voice box! By this time, practically the entire waiting room was in tears from laughing at this child, who was just entertaining himself with the opening and closing of this book. So I made my way over to the mother, with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard and said “he sure is enjoying that book”. She proceeded to tell me that the main character in the book shows up in random places on every page and that her son finds it hilarious when he turns the page and the character is somewhere else. “He actually thinks he controls where the character shows up! Like he’s jumping around the book, just for him!” It was then that I looked closer and saw that he was, in fact, reading “My Buddy Knows Letters”!

The nurse called my daughter’s name to be seen, I told the mother that she and her son made my day and I went back to see the doctor!

To all of the aspiring authors out there, stick with it…there is someone out there WAITING to read your book!